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Money, money, money (in Europe)

And surprisingly it is not by ABBA, this time!

I started looking into currency and tipping... especially since we will be visiting 6 countries for this adventure. Gratefully, at least two of these countries use the same currency (Euro).

  • Based on this blurb, I think we can even get away with using Euros in Denmark, although definitely not Poland or Russia.
  • Are Euros accepted as payment in Denmark?
  • * You will find that some shops, hotels, and restaurants, particularly in the larger cities, will display prices in both Danish kroner and Euros and many are likely to accept payment in Euros. However, as the official currency is Danish kroner, no establishment is obliged to accept payment in any other currency. It is advisable to check prior to making a purchase, or having a meal if you wish to pay in anything other than Danish kroner.

Country - Currency
Denmark - Danish krone
Germany - Euro
Poland - Polish złoty
Finland - Euro
Russia - Russian ruble
Sweden - Swedish krona

Click here for The Ultimate Guide to Tipping in Europe
Tipping Guide

Additional Notes:
In Denmark, Sweden, and Finland service charges are typically built into prices and employee wages. Round up to the nearest euro when you pay for services if you’d like, but beyond that, you don’t need to tip anything in restaurants or hotels.

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We're getting closer!

Less than three days before we depart!

As time ticks down to our departure day, the things that need to be packed are being accumulated in a pile (or two or more).
Lots of thoughts going through my head this week... with six countries that are on our itinerary, we'll have potentially six currencies to think about.
The credit card will obviously be the go-to form of payment, but there will always be some need for cash... tips, and I am not sure what else. I guess we'll see...
Power in our hotel rooms is a slight concern... but just for the couple of days that we are staying in Copenhagen. Once we get to the cruise ship, the power onboard will be standard US power and outlets. I do have two converters and some plug adapters for our two rooms... Wil and I will be in one room and Rosie and Kyle will be in another.
We do have ten people in our group... the four of us, plus my sister Mary Jane and her husband Eddie, their friends Joan and Cathleen, Rosie's sister Mary Kay (who started this blog) and their niece Karen.
Anyway... more thoughts to come as we creep closer to Saturday afternoon's departure.

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8 days until departure

June 14

8 days until departure, let the packing begin!

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